Jensen Capacitors

The company "Tobias Jensen's Mechanical Establishment" was founded in 1917 with a dream of creating a radio factory. In 1925, the first radio was introduced to the market, and until 1947, his company produced many radio models, some of them elegant furniture pieces with built-in record players and speakers.

After 1947, the production shifted towards electrical components such as capacitors and coils, and the company was able to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017.

Under the stewardship of the founder's grandchildren, Mr. Bjørn Jensen and Mr. Hans Jørgen Jensen, the company was, until 2019, the de facto world supplier of paper in oil capacitors for audio.

In 2019, Duelund Coherent Audio acquired the capacitor and inductor production line with the sole aim of preserving paper-in-oil capacitor and inductor production in Denmark for years to come