Duelund Capacitors: 

If you are looking for the best capacitors for your audio system, look no further than Duelund Coherent Audio. Our capacitors are designed and manufactured with one goal in mind: to deliver the most accurate and natural sound reproduction possible.

Originally, Duelund capacitors were based on the revolutionary Virtual Stack Foil principle, which was invented by the late Steen Duelund, a genius audio engineer and innovator from Denmark. This principle involves winding thin metal foils in a precise and symmetrical arrangement, creating a capacitor that has minimal losses, distortions, and microphonics. Since taking over the Jensen Capacitors production line in 2019 we now offer a multitude of form factors.

We offer a range of capacitors to suit different needs and preferences. Our top of the line CAST series features pure metal foils of copper, tinned copper, or silver, with a wpio impregnation that enhances the sonic performance and durability. Our JDM series uses aluminum, copper, tinned copper or silver foils with a wpio impregnation that provides a smooth and musical sound. Our CAST PP series features metalized polypropylene foils with with the option of a pure silver foil bypass for a high value and quality option.

Our capacitors are suitable for various audio applications, such as crossover networks, signal coupling, bypassing, and filtering. They can be used in speakers, amplifiers, preamplifiers, DACs, CD players, and more. They can improve the clarity, dynamics, transparency, tonality, and realism of your audio system.

Our capacitors are highly regarded by audiophiles, musicians, and professionals around the world for their exceptional performance and craftsmanship. They have received rave reviews from magazines, websites, and blogs in the audio industry. They have also won awards and accolades from prestigious organizations and events.